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Introducing Pironii

Pironii's believes that your house and home are extensions of you, therefore you should show your style inside and out. 

Pironii in Bulgarian means "nails." To oversimplify it, wood and nails are the main building elements in a home. We see our products as building elements to decorate and accessorize your home in a way that's true to your style.

We will be working with designers, artists, and collaborations to continue to offer you new and innovative products with a sharp contemporary edge.

We are happy to offer you our flagship product,  the Pironii square taper candle, with a complimentary aluminum candle holder.

Not only is this a push forward and away from the standardized and boring taper candles that have become standard, the unique shape relates back to our meaning of Pironii and plays on its nail-like appearance. These candles are perfect for any kind of dinner event, decorative element, or ambiance. They also make ideal gifts, especially for those with an eye for modern design.

We at Pironii are extremely excited about our launch. We're eager to get our products ready and available for you to love, and to make them a part of you and your home. 

Connect with us!! We would love to see your home decor aesthetic, and how you incorporate our products in your residence and lifestyle.

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