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The Sanctuary nestled on the lake.

Overshadowed by Mexico City and covered by mountains, Valle de Bravo is not your most talked-about resort destination. Maybe you have never even heard of it, but boy do you want to Google Image search this place, it’s beautiful.  

A short two hours drive northwest of the massive city is where you find Valle de Bravo, which is locally known as "the adventure capital of Mexico". 



Mountains, lakes, waterfalls, hiking, motocross, jet skiing, and even paragliding are some of the activities on tap, at skill levels ranging from enthusiast to professional. Action hobbies have become almost synonymous with the area. Pironii traveled there for two things recently: attendance at the Wanderlust Festival Valle event, and a stay at the El Santuario Resort & Spa.


The Festival was hosting its first event in Mexico. It was appropriate we attend for three main reasons: it provided an opportunity to reflect on our preparations to launch, our ultimate intentions with the business, and the actions we're going to take after launch, particularly in ensuring that Pironii products become available and useful to all. We spent the weekend participating in different yoga practices, meditation sessions, and recreational activities with our good friends Daily Ritual Yoga. All of these were held on the grounds of El Santuario, which brought a general sense of well-being and connectivity to our experience.



El Santuario is situated like a bird's nest on top of a mountain, and it stretches down to the shore of Valle de Bravo Lake. The hotel is built into the natural features, adding to the overall feeling that you are part of the beautiful landscape, not intruding upon it. 


El Santuario is rated as the best hotel in Valle de Bravo, and it's a top contender for our favorite hotel in terms of architectural design and the use of space and environment. Valle de Bravo is justifiably celebrated for its very modern and contemporary summer homes, so a strong design influence is in the mix around the area. No detail is overlooked at the hotel, and you can almost feel a craftsman's touch, with handmade objects everywhere you look. 



We were very pleasantly surprised with the level of design and style of El Santuario. This ties into Pironii's mission and the current products that we offer; we believe that your environment directly influences your overall well-being. It's impossible to beat beautiful design mixed with great surroundings or products. On El Santuario's multiple decks, and in its rooms and lounges we felt very at peace with ourselves, very tuned into our thoughts and intentions as we worked towards the of launch of Pironii. 



We had to relate our experience to you visually; perhaps this will provide fresh inspiration for the environment in your own home home. We will continue to share many more experiences like our El Santuario stay, highlighting how style and design can benefit the personal environment. We believe that whatever gets YOU FEELING BETTER in your home is a more than worthwhile addition to your life.

On this page, Pironii will post every Friday. These posts will be a mix of different, design-related topics. These might include case study homes and other accommodations that we see or visit in our travels, a few words about what's inspiring us at the moment, and general information about what we're up to or new product launches (which may be coming sooner rather than later!!)

So stay tuned with us! 

If you would like us to consider your residence for a post in our blog, contact us at info@pironii.com . Reach out to us on social media as well - @pironiiusa.