Ethics & Sustainability

We care because we know you care.

We aim for all of our products to be made local to Los Angeles or USA. Sometimes raw materials have to be sourced from their native region. When this is the case we work with the most sustainable and ethical manufacturing methods possible. 

Our dripless unscented candles are made from palm wax, but this is because it's the only wax other than Paraffin (toxic & carcinogenic) that holds shapes. We work with a studio within the US which sources its wax from a certified & creditable RSPO factory.

Our Scented candles are made locally in Los Angeles offering fair wages and job to our local community. 

Our lifestyle shirts are made from recycled plastics! 5 water bottles are in each shirt you purchase. And the whole t-shirt is produced within a 5-mile radius to Downtown Los Angeles from thread to printing. Nothing is outsourced or imported. 

We love and care about our planet. This is why we love to care about how we make Pironii products.